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Be aware of the following potential issues when configuring buffer pool size, and be prepared to scale back the size of the buffer pool if necessary.Competition for physical memory can cause paging in the operating system.Address space for the buffer pool must be contiguous, which can be an issue on Windows systems with DLLs that load at specific addresses.The time to initialize the buffer pool is roughly proportional to its size.It places an upper bound on how large an individual query result can be and still be eligible for caching. Typically, you set the query cache variables in an option file where you list the server's startup options.For example, to allocate 10MB of memory to the query cache and allow individual query results up to 2MB to be cached, put the following lines in the option file and restart the server: is useful primarily for testing cache settings.# The server defaults are faster for transactions and fast SELECTs.# Adjust sizes as needed, experiment to find the optimal values.

However, even when SQL Server caches your adhoc queries, you might not be able to depend on their reuse.Using the query cache can result in a tremendous performance boost and reduction in server load, especially for disk- or processor-intensive queries.Three system variables control query cache operation: variable as well.On large installations, initialization time might be significant.For example, on a modern Linux x86_64 server, initialization of a 10GB buffer pool takes approximately 6 seconds. I think your innodb_buffer_pool_size is way to big for your DB size. Make sure you give this tool a try

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When SQL Server caches the plan from an adhoc query, the cached plan will be used only if a subsequent batch matches exactly.

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